Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's all about timing

It never ceases to amaze me how we find the information at what seems to be pre determined times. Yell at an ancestor if you hit a brick wall you will be amazed at how the answer comes to assist.
I ordered some transcripts from Marilyn Rowan in June as she had a 'special' advertised, which I only found out about through doing the Research: Australia and New Zealand Ancestors(online course) I did with the National Institute for Genealogical Studies with Kerry Farmer
I knew I would have to wait as the orders for 'cheaper transcripts' would be high.
I decided to order some transcripts on my mothers side - to see if I could unlock some information about where they were born, married, buried. Actually I was hoping for anything on the transcripts that would confirm they were my people....links in my chain.
I had not finished organising the course printouts so that I have a reference book for all future searches and sat down with my laptop and printer this evening determined to complete it - whilst all children were asleep and out of my way! I finish printing all the course work and to finalise the "book" I decided to print out all the emails relevant to the course.
I log in to my email and what is there?! Marilyn's email with my transcripts attached! As if my ancestors knew what I was up to this evening and had decided to either reward me for my efforts or were allowing me to now have this information now the course was complete.

So did the transcripts help? Can I now claim them as my links?!
OMG YES..... they all had more information on them than I could have wished for! and I can claim them!

Now at 4.26am here I know I should log off, pack up and sleep - but I will allow myself a quick 15mins to look at some UK records.....

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