Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The OMG Conference moment...as promised!

I attend conference to catch up with those I know in the genealogical community, to learn new tips and tricks and to enjoy the company of a lot of people who share the same passion as I do!
So on Saturday conference broke for lunch I moved outside and was just beginning to speak with Michelle Nichols when something made me look slightly to the left and ahead to someone's name hanging around their neck....I looked again.....Quince...clearly written, I excused myself from Michelle and as if a magnet was pulling me went straight over... "Excuse me, you would not happen to be descended from HO Quince would you?" I said...then those words every genealogists hopes to hear, "Yes, he was my grandfather", "Well hello cousin! My grandmother was Hazel" and so began a lovely quick chat session on where and who we fitted in with the family.
The bonus, he was a delegate at conference so I caught up with him at a few of the breaks over Saturday and Sunday, the best bit?! Well....
Earlier this year I made contact with another member of the Quince family, my great great grandfather's sisters descendant and have arranged to meet her on Wednesday whilst I am down here....so now....my new found cousin is coming too!!! What a bonus!
There haven't been so many lines of the Quince's together in Australia in a long time!
So stay tuned....apart from the fact that my new found cousin has me checking my great grandmothers birth details (another story to go in to another time when I have an answer to the conundrum) I should have some interesting things to report on Wednesday after the meeting!
Wow 3 blogs in 3 days! Will it continue!! Don't forget I am also now on twitter Links In A Chain

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  1. Loved sharing your excitement at this discovery.Great to see you blogging again - Keep up the good work.