Saturday, December 28, 2013

All things festive

Traditions, heirlooms, memories often mentioned at this time of year but as family historians do we really do our "job" and take time to take note?
We are often the ones who are aware if these things but how many members of our family are? So, here is the challenge to you the lull that is with us prior toNew Years Eve buy a book or get on your computer and note down the traditions your family has at this time of year, when did they begin do you know? If there have been years they haven't happened what years were they and what was the reason? What heirlooms are used? The tree star or angel, the serving plate, the carving knife, the tablecloth, the baubles etc. What are their origins, the country they came from, the generation etc...
Lastly the memories. I have found not only memories of the festive season are spoken about but also stories of those who are long gone become topics of conversations at the family gatherings. For those of you with children or grandchildren why not ask them their best memory of this Christmas and add to it yearly.

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