Saturday, December 28, 2013

All things festive

Traditions, heirlooms, memories often mentioned at this time of year but as family historians do we really do our "job" and take time to take note?
We are often the ones who are aware if these things but how many members of our family are? So, here is the challenge to you the lull that is with us prior toNew Years Eve buy a book or get on your computer and note down the traditions your family has at this time of year, when did they begin do you know? If there have been years they haven't happened what years were they and what was the reason? What heirlooms are used? The tree star or angel, the serving plate, the carving knife, the tablecloth, the baubles etc. What are their origins, the country they came from, the generation etc...
Lastly the memories. I have found not only memories of the festive season are spoken about but also stories of those who are long gone become topics of conversations at the family gatherings. For those of you with children or grandchildren why not ask them their best memory of this Christmas and add to it yearly.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Family Tree Tracker - New AUSTRALIAN Publication

Over the past few days within my social media circles I have seen a magazine mentioned "Family Tree Tracker" due to the comments made I decided to see if it was in my local newsagent and to my surprise it was!

I purchased the magazine for $14.95 for three main reasons -
1. It looked like it may be interesting reading
2. So many had mentioned it so wanted to check it out for myself
3. It was Australian.

What did I think? It is a great resource. Why? because it highlights some things I knew, but added some information that I didn't AND in reading it I also thought...and what about this resource or that resource, which is in no way meant to criticise but to highlight that the articles did get me thinking. The article on "inside the SBS series 'Who Do You Think You Are?" was also an interesting read.

So was it worth the money, honestly - YES.
Would I recommend it - YES, especially to those starting out, it is a good start point.

Now apparently it is a one off run - which I think is sad. But perhaps as others have suggested the power of the people may change that.... I personally think a quarterly or bi annual magazine would be great so let us all get behind this magazine and support another Australian venture.

For others reviews/thoughts on the magazine here are some links

Lilian's Tree
Gould Genealogy

If you do purchase the magazine I would love for you to post your reviews in the comments!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Events Worth Considering Attending

Two years ago I stumbled upon the event The NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies Conference which was held at Gymea, it was a great 2 days and determined to go this year I booked accommodation straight after the conference. This year it was in ACT and again was a great event, I also organised it so that I was able to attend the Friday expo and the meet & greet that night! Benefits of attending Friday - time to leisurely look at the tables from various family history groups, Trove, Inside History Magazines and many more. Next year it is to be held at Fairy Meadow from Friday September 12th till Sunday September 14th the link to the website is
I urge you to consider attending if you are delving into the world of genealogy for the first time or even if you have been there for quite some time.

I have also thought that as I was unaware of this conference many people may also be unaware of events that are happening around. So this is the first I will share and as I become aware of others I will let you know too! I can assure you there are some great speakers already organised for this event!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The OMG Conference promised!

I attend conference to catch up with those I know in the genealogical community, to learn new tips and tricks and to enjoy the company of a lot of people who share the same passion as I do!
So on Saturday conference broke for lunch I moved outside and was just beginning to speak with Michelle Nichols when something made me look slightly to the left and ahead to someone's name hanging around their neck....I looked again.....Quince...clearly written, I excused myself from Michelle and as if a magnet was pulling me went straight over... "Excuse me, you would not happen to be descended from HO Quince would you?" I said...then those words every genealogists hopes to hear, "Yes, he was my grandfather", "Well hello cousin! My grandmother was Hazel" and so began a lovely quick chat session on where and who we fitted in with the family.
The bonus, he was a delegate at conference so I caught up with him at a few of the breaks over Saturday and Sunday, the best bit?! Well....
Earlier this year I made contact with another member of the Quince family, my great great grandfather's sisters descendant and have arranged to meet her on Wednesday whilst I am down new found cousin is coming too!!! What a bonus!
There haven't been so many lines of the Quince's together in Australia in a long time!
So stay tuned....apart from the fact that my new found cousin has me checking my great grandmothers birth details (another story to go in to another time when I have an answer to the conundrum) I should have some interesting things to report on Wednesday after the meeting!
Wow 3 blogs in 3 days! Will it continue!! Don't forget I am also now on twitter Links In A Chain

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last Day of the Conference!

Well what a wonderful last day to a great conference!

The first talk on Royal Commissions and Legislative Council Select committees by Angela Phippen was a real eye opener, who would even consider that these 'boring' papers could assist a family historian!

But by going through some examples and showing how they could indeed assist, if not to discover an actual fact about a person, may shed light on their locality,surrounds, occupation.

Robyn Van-Dyk then gave us a sneak peek into what will soon be released online! So the word of advice is Check out the War Memorial Website from 30th September this year and then stayed tuned from December as you see a new platform emerge and then more private records coming online fully digitised.
A good thought/word of caution to note to as these become available - Unpublished diaries have copyright in perpetuity unlike published works....
Also keep an eye on the site for the ability to assist transcription from home.....

Rosemary Kopittke then assisted in sharing techniques for making the most of research when using the usa site!

Women in Records was the next topic and three interesting subjects were covered by three equally interesting women! Cora Num spoke & gave us some great websites & books to refer to including:

Angela Phippen returned to the podium and spoke about Women and Divorce highlighting the changes to the laws for divorce before Megan Gibson (  spoke about Women creating records, which is what I am doing right now here! Some quick points from her talk
Get your copyright - right
List your sources if leaving records   and
'Research like EVERYONE will fact check it and write like EVERYONE will read it!'
Have you not left a record...then start writing here is your writing starter.....'Why did you start family history?'

There was a call to Illawarra for the 30th Conference next year 'Illawarra Remembers: 1914-2014' to be held from Friday 12 to Sunday 14 September 2014 at The Fraternity Club at Fairy Meadow... for information their website is up

The outgoing President Joy Vost then handed over to the new President, Gail Hanger (I think) and then the new committee was called to the stage

The Conference ended with a lovely lunch and a chance to chat and say goodbye to friends old and new!

The OMG Conference Story....tomorrow!

Conference 2013-29th Annual Conference of the NSW & ACT Association of Family History Societies

Multi day blog because I can't blog from my phone!

Friday September 20, 2013
Arrived at the History Fair with plenty of time to look around at all the exhibitors and catch up with a couple of my genealogist friends. Lovely venue, lots of exhibitors including Inside History Magazine, Trove, Marilyn Rowan Transcriptions, Joy Murrin Family History Services, Family Search, National Institute Genealogical Studies, Unlock the Past, plus a lot of others including a great representation of various family history societies.

I went by the Trove table......I am very fortunate to now have a great 'I love Trove' pin AND a Trove coffee mug...(highly sort after items) THANKYOU TROVE!

The meet & greet was a great chance to catch up with more of my friends & meet some new people & catch up with lovely ladies I met last year at conference, Jo & Nan!

I also got my first set of blogger beads from Geniaus
who also has some great photos of the conference visit her blog Geniaus
So to feel worthy of them, I'm determined to revive the blog and attempt to find something to blog about on a regular basis!

Saturday September 21st, 2013
Great start to the day with Dr David Headon giving the John Vincent Crowe Memorial Address, speaking on how Canberra came about, its foundation story...very interesting!
This was followed by Chris Boyack from FamilySearch who posed the question 'What would your great great grandchildren wish you would have done' and then informed us about what is new at with their up to 5000 photo storage, ability to add stories as well as add sources and collaborate with others. He also spoke about the Discovery Centres that are to be built, the first is to be at Seattle Washington and will include a free to use HD Studio to video stories in!
Also reminded us to check their records WEEKLY as they update the indexing weekly!
If you want to assist in the indexing or want to see what will be available when indexing occurs go to their site and download the indexing program!
Rootstech is on in February next year...for more information go here

Cora Num them spoke about Research Tools for the Digital Age, her website
is excellent if you have not yet visited! She also has a new book out eRecords for Family History

Cora & David Num 
The next session I attended was by Martin Woods from NLA and was all about maps - very informative and thought provoking, I had never considered how they could be used in family history research or that there was so many different types of maps, with so much different information...definitely worth more investigation.

Then it was time for Gail Davis, NSW SRO, who spoke about Education Records, again another avenue I had not considered, even for the social aspect of the relatives in days gone by.

Conference Dinner was the end to a great day, with great people at the table which had a lovely centrepiece and wonderful entertainment by Carl Sampson & Anna Brown and members of the Canberra Philharmonic Society, very enjoyable.
All seated and waiting on dinner
Carl Sampson & Anna Brown
Now I do have a OMG wonderful moment to share about today, but it shall wait till after I've finished the conference!