Monday, October 12, 2015

Some links that may be of use

The internet is a wonderful tool and facebook has enhanced it....

We are able to share websites that we find as well as information and get assistance on deciphering writing.

This week there are four items of interest which I thought were worthwhile in sharing here:

The first is to do with World War One it is a pictorial honour roll of Australians using the enlistment/embarkation photos of soldiers. Pictorial Honour Roll of Australians WW1

Secondly, a wonderful resource from Katherine R. Willson (Professional Speaker, Genealogist, Artist) who has put together a list (pdf) which is hyperlinked of the 5,700+ facebook pages & groups - Including a Table of Contents page to assist! 5,700+ facebook pages and groups Go and like her facebook page at
Katherine R Willson Public Speaker then you will even be notified when the list is updated!
It was last updated 6 Oct 2015!

Thirdly, Genetic Genealogy Ireland may be able to offer you a  free DNA tests if you qualify. You will need to go to Genetic Genealogy Ireland and read all the relevant information on their page!

Lastly, another list provided by Katherine R. Willson - this time it is Active Genealogy youtube channels
Active genealogy youtube channels

That should keep everyone busy for the next week! If you find a great website that is not mentioned here please post in the comments section!

Happy Genealogical Travels this week!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Missed me?!

I know I have been very remiss in posting, and I have previously promised to do better..... well I am going to try again! I have decided it is not necessary to write epistles every entry, but perhaps to just part something of interest it begins.....

This is a short post.... but may be very helpful!

On facebook there are often requests to decode handwriting, often it is a place name and for those, in
Australia or anywhere apart from the UK, who may not have a working knowledge of all the counties and towns in the UK I have found a website, which may just be one of those sites you need to save in favourites!

A - Z of English Towns and Counties - this is not a genealogical site it is the site for Great Britain's Economic and Trade Digest - but we should all be thankful it is there!