Thursday, July 22, 2010

When it comes - it can be too much at once!

After deciding to get organised for my plan of attack - I did! But not just with one line I decided to write down information on a couple of lines I am researching to see what I had and what I needed.
Well unexpected success has arisen from one of these lines! I actually felt like I was bombarded all at once and had too much information.
Now I know I need to verify all the information that I get from other peoples research and will now, over time go ahead and do that but Wow I got from 1906 to 1764 in less than a week. A lot of luck and also because I had the information I knew in front of me.
When I first discovered one generation back from my 1906 a call to relatives revealed confirmation of what I thought I had now discovered which was enough encouragement for me to continue on. Twenty four hours later I discovered that people I thought were friends of the family were in fact 2nd cousins! From that point on the information just seems to be fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle!
I've contacted all contributors involved and am anxiously awaiting responses!

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