Monday, July 18, 2011

So another link departs the earth

Bessie Leggatt > loved much in life, you were a wonderful, accepting, beautiful person - who accepted me as "one of you" and in doing so showed me the love a Nan would. Blood may be what links most grandchildren to their grandparents but not us!
Thankyou for being such an important part of my life for the past 23years I will have fond memories to look back on both here and in the UK. The best being that surprise visit in '96. May you now rest in peace darling Nan reunited with your beloved George! June 1914 - July 2011 ♥
This lady was my husband's nan she was with me in the months prior to our first childs birth then we surprised her 4years later with a visit to her home in the UK. We wrote often during the years but in the last 5 it had drifted off as she was no longer able to write. She hated us digging into the family past, but by doing so it made me admire her even more, although she never knew what I had found.
This was a most remarkable woman who knew great sadness and loss and could still look at life, turn around and tell it to get "#".
It is with great sadness I add her death date to my family tree today. xx

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