Monday, October 25, 2010

Family History Expo

This weekend I took the trip to Parramatta to attend the "unlock the past" expo.
What a fantastic event! The entry price was reasonable so allowed me to not only travel but stay overnight so that I could attend day 2! The talks were many and it was nice to see the State Library Mitchell Library and National Library represented!! There were also a good amount of family history groups, experts, fibis (families that have British/India connections) and Society of Australian Genealogists!
And it is the last group that I will write about today. I think that they and the work they do are no where near publicised enough not only as a resource but also as a beneficiary!
I went to a talk that they did during the expo on the information that they have and I am now sorry I have never bothered to check them out more fully!!
My advice to all people even considering doing anything historically based in NSW/Australia go to SAGS!! they are online so you can start here

Which leads me to my other thought what will happen to all your research when you pass away?! Have you ever really considered this? Why not organise a

Genealogical Codicil to my last Will and testament
To my dear partner, children, guardian,administrator and/or executor:
Upon my death it is requested that you DO NOT dispose of any or all of my genealogical records,both those prepared by me and those records prepared by others which may be in my possession, including but not limited to books,files, notebooks computer programs, files, and data storage for a period of two years. During this
time period, please attempt to identify one or more persons who would be willing to take custody of the said materials and the responsibility of maintaining and continuing the family histories.
In the event you do not find anyone to accept these materials, please contact the Society of Australian Genealogists, and determine if they will accept some parts or all of my genealogical materials.
Please remember that my genealogical endeavours consumed a great deal of time, travel
and money. Therefore, it is my desire that the products of these endeavours be allowed to continue in a manner that will make them available to others in the future.
Date Witness.
Date Witness.

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  1. SAG is an underrated treasure. I have been a member for a number of years but don't make use of my membership. I feel it is important to be a member of this society that is the premier organisation in this field.

    Enjoyed meeting you at last and putting a face to your name - I have added your blog to my RSS feeds.