Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time flies so I am taking a tablet to try and help

It always surprises me just how the time goes by between my posts! Well I now have a tablet so hopefully the ease of access to here will mean I update on a rgular basis. I have a couple of things to blog about today so here goes ... I!attended the NSW and ACT family history Asson. annual conference last weekend and recommend to everyone that you attend the next one in Sept next year. A very informative weekend and the opportunity to make new friends and see existing ones. The next issue saddens and astonishes me, the NSW State Govt with no resistance from the Hawkesbury Council?have plans to destroy Windsor bridge and Thompson Square for no good reason, as there is an alternative comparable solution. If you head to http:www.cawb.weebly.com.au you can learn more and I encourage you to sign the petition to save this part of Australia's heritage. In my news, finally am on the trail of my husbands maternal ancestors knocking down the wall is still hard work and appears I will need to learn about Polish records next. Another update soon :-)

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