Sunday, October 14, 2012

A trip to find First Fleeters

I have been reading "Where First Fleeters Lie" and decided whilst on holidays in the Wisemans Ferry area to go and look at Wisemans Ferry Cemetery and St Albans! While the trip was enjoyable and fascinating it was also a little sad: as many of the headstones have worn so much over time their inscriptions are undecipherable! So while there I photographed all pre 1900 headstones that I could read and also the footstones where there were some. I would have photographed all headstones if my camera hadn't chosen to run out of battery power! But this made me think, how often so many of us go to cemeteries and just photograph our ancestors headstone....could we take extra time and perhaps photograph a few more? Imagine if when visiting a loved ones grave we also took a moment each time and took photos of those surrounding it....what a legacy we could leave especially with the billion graves for thought!

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