Monday, June 5, 2017

Place Image Object - UTAS Diploma Family History

This was a wonderful unit! We looked at the history of photography and therefore the various types of photographs and hints on how to determine from which era they may be from! Considerations for caring for photographs including making digital copies and using those in our research were also looked at.
Maps as a research tool were discussed - one way was by mapping where our ancestors came from, travelled, lived etc, we also considered significant places of our ancestors and ourselves.
Objects that were significant for our family, whether this was a photograph or collection of same were considered, looking at how to analyse what it was, what was its use, where was it from, then put it in a socio-cultural context.
Handmade objects and their association with gender was considered as well as industrialised objects - what could you tell from them, their wear, marks damage etc.
The last module dealt with toys, individual memories and collective memories; family objects - what you held, what other family members held and how to evaluate the 'family' collection; displaying and storing objects; determining if they belonged in a museum and setting up an object record system.
The assessment for this unit was a little out of most of our comfort zones it was an Annotated Map - but it was thought provoking and enabled you to display family history information in a different way.
It really made you consider what family history 'treasures' whether that be books, maps, photographs, toys, items you have that could assist you in telling your family story

For further information on the Diploma of Family History offered by UTAS

For information on the unit Place Image Object  It will be offered again in 2018!

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