Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trove Tuesday!

I am not your average Troveite, I am not yet 50, do not dwell in a city, not well off, I am well educated, I was a professional and am currently a stay at home mum!
But I LOVE Trove, have done since it arrived on the internet and I am a proud owner of a rare "I Love Trove" pin and coffee mug!! They both take pride of place in my genie cabinet!

It is the hidden gems of family history that you may find that I love Trove for, the surprising news you may come across to add to your family story, whether it is good or bad.

One of these interesting items came when I decided to just search my 'cousin's' father....I typed in his name in quotation marks "Vincent Furlong" - the headlines that appeared surprised me!

Now my cousin is in her nineties and will not speak of the past, family history is a no go subject area, as it has been for the past 20 years when I have asked. Our family knew her father had died when she was almost 21 but no one knew that it was quite as tragic as this. Newspapers all over Australia picked up the news of her father's tragic death.
I was able to read all the articles and get a sense of what had occurred, perhaps begin to understand why my cousin does not want to discuss the past.
This is why I LOVE Trove, without the availability of viewing the papers from around the country, to be able to search a person, I would only know that Vincent Furlong died in March 1948.
Trove has Treasures - just search for an ancestors name - you never know what you will find!


  1. Thanks for following up on my post my atypical Troveite mate.

  2. PS - The GeneabloggersTribe Badge would enhance your blog!!!