Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Trove Tuesday - never ceases to surprise!

Well, I am a little late...but I fell asleep - but here it is

Whilst on Trove this week I discovered a gem! I was excited and look forward now to reading what I have found, it will have to sit on the 'shelf' for a little while though whilst I study, but I can refer to it if need be in the meantime.

How did I find my gem? I was researching The Sirius' arrival on Norfolk Island, attempting to gain all understanding of what occurred that fateful week it landed and consequently became a wreck. On the off chance that I may find something at Trove I searched.
"Historical Records of New South Wales" appeared, it was view-able online, I clicked on Browse this Collection and here were volumes of the work! The initial volume was not what was required, but they are in year order so I was able to find the year required and then read an account of what had occurred!
What a find! You can even order a copy! But using the online one is fine by me! It is out of copyright!

So even though today's post is a little short, I assure you what you will find if you click the link will be well worth it!

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