Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Trove Tuesday - Biscuits!

Trying to get in early today, given last weeks late entry

Whilst searching something totally unrelated I came across this advertisement in The Australian Star Wednesday 5th June 1889 p5! That is 128 years ago!!

Milk Arrowroot biscuits in our family are known as "Nanny Biscuits" due to the fact that my children's Nan has always had them on hand for them to eat!
For me the Milk Arrowroot biscuit was one of the first 'solid' foods I introduced to my children. A biscuit placed on a saucer, boiling water poured on it so it soaked it up and expanded and let cool - was a great morning tea item after the Farex breakfast! As my children grew I would add less water and mix it in with custard and/or puree fruit!

So coming across this wonderful advertisement showed that the iconic biscuit was highly regarded so long ago too!

I decided to do a search for "Arnotts Biscuits" to see how far back I could find a reference to the company on Trove...the result...Saturday 25th January 1868 (149 years ago) in the Newcastle Chronicle page 3.

New discovery - Arnott's originally made bread and were confectioners too!!

So a little more investigation and I discovered a lovely write up about the company in the Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners Advocate Saturday 18 September 1880, page 8

I am even more saddened now that Arnott's biscuits is no longer Australian, given its very long history as an Australian Company.
So if you would like to enjoy more reading on Arnott's biscuits type "Arnotts biscuits" into the Trove search bar and you will not be disappointed! From the fire in the company factory, to the many medicinal claims of the treasured Arrowroot biscuit Trove will provide you with some interesting reading!

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