Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Love Trove! (Ask anyone who knows me, I say it all the time!)

How do I love Thee!     Let me count the ways!

When NLA introduced Trove into my life, little did I realise how important it would become in my family history research!
Since beginning using Trove I have not only used it to find out information about my family that no-one had ever mentioned BUT also it has enabled me to imagine the time in which my ancestors lived, as I can read the newspaper reports of the time when they lived.
I can do all this whilst living away from Sydney - I would never be able to get this information in my life time otherwise!
At first I could only view papers from Sydney but as it has developed there are now papers from all over that I can view, which is great as families moved around a lot in the past!

A FEW things I learned about my family:
One of my ancestors was in gaol for a few years!
The Coroners Report of a murder that was committed! The newspaper reports about the murder!
The death of a relative and why it impacted on his daughter so much!
The member of the family that assisted when the Dunbar sank.
Funeral Notices - revealing unknown people that knew/related to our family
Marriage Notices - confirming details in the family
Stories about my Great Great Grandfathers 80th birthday celebration and his funeral! Which showed how well regarded he was in the area in which he lived.
I could follow the New Zealand tour of a municipal band that my Grandfather was in. I could share this with my mother who never knew just how well regarded the band were as her father was killed when she was young, so those stories never got told as they normally would.

Trove allows for you to fix the OCR text, this engages users! Most users that I know correct the text they are reading (if needed) so that is will be easier for others to search, because the old print does not always OCR well!

Trove is a great resource for all - for research at ANY level! It is a National

From Federal Government budget cuts. Which is hard to believe!
Our National Library is losing $6 million dollars in budget cuts!

To find out more - google "Trove budget cuts"
Please go and sign the petition

Post about how you use Trove and use the hashtag  #fundTrove

Never used Trove - go and check it out! WARNING - it is addictive!

Some good articles on the threat to Trove:

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