Thursday, February 22, 2018


Music is usually passed down the generations, favourtie songs, music has been part of human existence for all time.
In my family it was a big part of my childhood. Family holidays were full of a car filled with music! When tape players were included in a car our lives were changed! Disney songs were often a favourite!
But singing was important at home too, listened to records, then tapes then CD's we sang along but as a family we would sing together. My family once sang together at church, my sisters and I sang at a couple of school functions and as individuals we took part in school musicals and performances, choirs and vocal groups, I was fortunate to even sing at a wedding service.

For me I loved to perform in the mass choirs, the MetWest festival and the Combined Choir at the Sydney Opera House - for me one of these sticks in my memory as we sang Handel's Messiah and Zadok the Priest - it was fantastic being a part of such an event and then I was fortunate enough to be in a 12 piece vocal group who sang two items arcapella on the stage of the Sydney Opera House during the Combined Instrumental performance.It was a daunting but incredible moment in my life.

Fast forward to having children and I continued to enjoy music and sing, needless to say my children sing. My eldest daughter has enjoyed time with the Australian Youth Choir and in a selective choir at our local school area level. She was able to perform a few times at the Sydney Town Hall.  The youngest daughter is now in her second year with the local selective choir and I am involved in assisting!

I have run a choir at my children's school as noone else was willing, took a group to perform in Starstruck so they had that experience and am now back assisting the current teacher who was willing.

For as long as I can remember the Sydney Conservatorium of Music has been a bit of a 'holy grail' if only I could go there...perform there. The castle built in 1915 has been one of those places I have passed during my life and longed for....well it happened... They ran a course which I could attend because of the selective choir I now assist with....I was excited as I would get to go beyond those hallowed doors finally....BUT it got better....the workshop required us to sing!!  Well the bucket list is ticked off - I have sung at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music!

I know this is a small thing...but to me it solidifies a lifetime so far of singing, connecting with my parents, my grandfather who was a conductor of Leichhardt's Municipal Band - linking the generations to music!!

Click on the link to view the Castle that is The Sydney Conservatorium of Music

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  1. I wondered what you were doing in Sydney. Thanks for this insight into your musical life.